Crushhem at 20 years old


Crushhem was born 20 years ago in the costal village of Ryujin which takes it name from the legendary dragon deity of the Ocean, Crushhem's lineage can be traced back to the bloodline of Ryujin. Crushhem worships Kord the storm god and lord of battle, while still paying omega and respecting the sea. 


Dragon God Ryujin and Ryujin Village


After loosing his mother during an  early attack on the village at the young age of 3 Crushhem was forced by his father Sagito into battle and strength training as soon as he could hold a blade. This was help prepare for an inevitable war with several villages over a power struggle. Thanks to constant sparing and numerous battles Crushhem sustained several head injuries as well as a scar across his face from a war with a neighboring village and a large scar running from the middle of his chest down and across to his hip. Thanks to all his head injuries as a younger teen Crushhem has some mental disorders causing some lack of intelligence. On Crushhem’s19th birthday he left his home village in search of bigger and better battles to try and live up to the

Crushhem young

Sagito and Crushem

name of Ryujin and made his ancestors proud, and help to appease Korn in battle. For a year he drifted from village to village traveling the world

while working as a mercenary for hire. Until he stumbled upon a group of people in a bar one fateful night. 

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